Meet Betty. Born and raised in the country of Guatemala, her heart is to pour back into her people and her country.  She currently resides there with her adopted son Miguel.

Through her we are able to connect and help individuals living in the slums, provide for the children in a local AIDS orphanage, and help support the local church.

We believe in Betty. We believe in the causes she is passionate about and the vision of hope she carries for the future.  Your purchase with a purpose helps her to reach the people of her country through relief and tangible needs.


Over 1,500 women work each night in the red lighter district of Patpong.  The majority of these women come from villages in the north; leaving home to find work that will support their families.

Rehab Ministries is situated in the heart of Patpong and has been a light amongst the darkness for over 27 years. They offer an opportunity for the women to trade a life of prostitution for employment in either jewelry or toy making. They will also be able to learn English; giving them a valuable skill set to seek out further opportunities.

Your purchase with a purpose allows us to financially support Rahab Ministries.


Salvi was just one of the girls we met upon our arrival. Her past and her story is not ours to tell, but there are many women and children who have stories of trafficking just like her.

Thru the work of Wipe Every Tera, Salvi and others have found freedom from their traffickers and are enrolled back into school. Salvo happens to be a very talented jewelry artist who has taught other young women this skill.

Your purchase with a purpose will go directly to Wipe Every Tear and to a partnership that dreams and creates new products with these women.


Adhita, a 10-year-old Nepalese boy who followed us for hours, asked us for money.  When we offered him food instead, he replied with, “Not enough.” I pulled him aside and asked what he needed the money for.  he responded wit,h “school book, $5” and led us to a bookstore where the much wanted book was waiting. The book he wanted so badly was a Nepalese/English dictionary! We love to empower and help those who are eager to learn!

Proceeds from our Nepal products are currently going back to an orphanage in India called Asha House. This orphanage takes in true orphans with no blood family left; giving them a place of safety, a place to thrive, and a place to call home.


Three decades ago, two little girls walked their families path on the way to gather firewood. On this particular day however, one would step on an old buried landmine- losing her life. Her friend, Kong, would not only suffer the death of her friend, but also the loss of her leg.

Today, Kong is not only a survivor, but a business owner.  She, along with her husband, care for the poor and the disabled by employing them in their fair trade silk factory. Their products are beautiful, of excellent quality, and most importantly, help the hard-working survivors across the world provide for their families.